Profile: Iowa GRFP Winner Edmarie Guzman-Velez

Edmarie Guzman-Velez

Congratulations to University of Iowa Neuropsychology student, Edmarie Guzman-Velez, on her winning proposal to the NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program! As one of 2000 students selected this year, Edma will receive $30,000 of support for three years, a 10,500 cost-of-education allowance, and professional development opportunities. Our office was happy to be a part of the application process, and we want to congratulate Edma on her award!

Edma’s work focuses on understanding how emotions persist for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease(AD), even when the memory for what caused that emotion has faded. She explores whether amygdala damage is correlated with emotional experience, and if hippocampal damage is correlated with declarative memory. Her study recruits patients in varying stages of AD in order to capture variance in amygdala and hippocampal dysfunction. After watching highly emotional film clips aimed to induce either sadness or happiness (as in Feinstein et al., 2010), a detailed memory test and standardized emotion rating scales were administered at four different time points. Preliminary results suggest that the sustained experience of emotion can be independent of declarative memory for the event that caused the emotion in participants with AD.

Would you like to learn more about this award and other like it? Contact our office to set up a search appointment today!


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