What information can I find on Grants 4 Hawks? On Grants 4 Hawks, you can access information about how to search for funding, find opportunities that fit, write a proposal, get strong letters of recommendation, and much more. You can also view the proposals of former fellowship winners and get inspired by reading their stories. You can also find answers quetsions like “Why should you apply for external funding during graduate school?” “What’s the difference between a grant and a fellowship?” or “How do I write an effective grant proposal?” Grants 4 Hawks is dedicated to providing graduate students with basic information about entering the world of competitive grant writing.

Who runs Grants 4 Hawks? Dr. Jennifer Teitle, the UI Graduate College’s Sponsored Research Coordinator, started Grants 4 Hawks as a graduate student in 2009. She hoped for the site to become an all-purpose stop for graduate students as they explore their funding options. Since that time, Dr. Teitle has earned her Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning from the University of Iowa and taken up a full-time role in the Graduate College. Dr. Teitle knows firsthand the vital role of external funding; Her own graduate school travel and work was partially supported by nationally competitive fellowships. She is happy to help you search and apply for your own funding through nationally competitive fellowships offered by the National Science Foundation, The National Institutes of Health, The American Council of Learned Societies,  the American Association of University Women, the Social Science Research Council, or another organization. Contact her for an appointment at: dsp-gradgrants@uiowa.edu





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